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Ok, so here is how submissions are going to work

You may either submit work to the Favs sections, or to the Gallery section. Both sections only contain the "Featured" folder and that is the only folder that you can submit it to, we tried to get other folders to work, but, it didn't. So to make things less complicated on the admins, and on the members, we narrowed it down to just the Featured folder.

1. The Favs Section
           just click "suggest a fav" and either select some of your work, or of another artists' work

2. The Gallery Section
           just click the "submit to this gallery" and choose a deviation.

Thanks everyone, sorry for all the confusion, perhaps when we are more tech savy we will find a way to have more folders

As another note, please remember to suggest our group to more of your friends so we can have more members and more lovely pieces of art to look at =)

Thanks Guys!
So we the admins have been doing some tweaking on our group and editing some stuff so here is the deal

-for submitting artwork, you can go straight to our gallery, select submitt art, and submit either previous deviation or a new one into whatever folder you please. with that said...


If deviations start taking up to much of your inboxes in the future, then we will do what we can to make sure the flow of submissions isnt overwhelming

thank you for joining!

love-xshortyiscutexp, musicislove323
Hey to everyone joining this group and those just browsing about deviantart. If you want to sumbit a piece (yours or anyone's you really like) please click on the folder you wish to sumbit to and say suggest a fav... I will be going through at random times and deciding which ones are worthy of making it to featured. Please don't take offense if yours doesn't make it there.

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